Who: Kenny Chesney
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Kenny Chesney has carved out a fair-sized niche for himself in the country-pop beach bum style of music first established by Mr. Margaritaville himself, Jimmy Buffett. So it only makes sense for Chesney to follow Buffett from the beach chair to the distillery. What Buffett is to tequila, Chesney aims to become with rum. (To be fair, there's a Margaritaville Rum too, which is hard to take seriously. It's like calling a tequila "Daiquiriville.") Blue Chair Bay is actually very good, with a lot of tropical fruit flavor along with a little citrus, a little brown sugar, and a little spice. It's not bad in a daiquiri, or a Mai Tai, or a Cuba Libre, and it's refreshing with a squeeze of fresh lime and a splash of soda. It's easy going down, and at $19 a bottle, it's an essential part of any pre-concert tailgating party.