Who: Marilyn Manson
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Ol' Marilyn was a shock-rocker supreme in the '90s, wearing outrageous futuristic goth outfits, singing about sex, drugs, and Satan, and basically baiting conservatives every chance he got. He also made some fair-to-middling metal-grunge music in the process. Now that his shtick has worn thin with the masses, Marilyn has turned to the most taboo of spirits to make ends meet. Absinthe had such a bad reputation that it was banned in the States for close to a century because it contained a chemical called thujone, which was said to cause hallucinations and psychosis. Recent studies have argued that it was the liquor's potency, not thujone, that was to blame. Absinthe is, after all, a ridiculous 130-140 proof. Absinthe Mansinthe, unlike much of Marilyn Manson's music, has received surprisingly good reviews for its heady blend of wormwood, fennel, and anise notes.