Year Of Release: 2012
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360

Games like Spec Ops come along once in a blue moon. At a glance, the game may look like just another military shooter – spend any decent amount of time with this disturbed Heart of Darkness allegory and you'll realize that it has to be. The brilliance of Spec Ops doesn't come so much from its morality or lack thereof, but in your complicity by playing it. Here you're given the exact sort of achievement-laden killstreak environment seen in every big budget shooter, only instead of reveling in its spectacle, it forces you to examine the underlying senselessness of its – and the genre's – ideology. Spec Ops may not have the seething indifference of a game like Far Cry 2, but it's going to make damn sure you know that as long as you continue buying into the military shooter's principals, you're going to be part of the problem. Probably the most literary game of this exiting generation, and hands down an instant classic. Don't take it at face value.