Major League Gaming (MLG) held the first-ever Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament this past weekend with over $50,000 in cash and prizes at stake, naming the very first Ghosts champion, compLexity Gaming. Not to be outshined, Dota 2 fans came together to raise $136,000 in a competition that saw favorites Na’Vi and Sigma tie for third and Speed Gaming pulling off an upset victory over favorites Team DK.

CompLexity Gaming won its third-straight MLG victory for Call of Duty, this time sealing the deal as the first-ever Call of Duty: Ghosts champion. Its continued domination of all things Call of Duty in the MLG waits to be contested.

In the largest tournament outside developer Valve’s own International the MLG's first ever Dota 2 competition saw the two favorites, teams Na’Vi and Sigma, fall in the semi-finals as the unlikely heroes of Speed Gaming were able to trade huge team kills and hold off rivals Team DK for the win.

Missed any of the action this weekend from Columbus? You can catch all the combat rebroadcast here. You’re going to want to see the Call of Duty: Ghosts finals and every semi and final round of a heart-pounding Dota 2 tourney.

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