Steve Ballmer is stepping down as Microsoft's CEO is the next month or so, and the company has been busy looking for his replacement. And no, it won't be Bill Gates.

The shortlist for CEO, according to Reuters, is now down to former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Ford CEO Alan Mullaly, Microsoft Executive VP and former Skype CEO Tony Bates, Microsoft cloud and enterprise chief Satya Nadella, and one last undisclosed person. When Ballmer announced he was stepping down after 13 years as CEO, a special committee was formed to pick his successor. The committee does have Bill Gates as a member, but considering his interview with the Financial Times as any indication, he won't be joining Microsoft as CEO as long as he is concentrating on health issues around the world. The committee's list had reportedly started with about 40 people, both who come from Microsoft, as well as other companies. Microsoft has spoken with Elop, who will be joining Microsoft either way once the Nokia buyout is finalized next year. Mullaly was reportedly disinterested in the job, but has warmed up to the idea in recent weeks. The company has said that they want to have a CEO ready to go by the end of the year, and while it's still possible, it might take longer than that. With Xbox One just a week away from launch, it would be best if they can find a CEO ASAP who will be able to have a fresh start with a fresh product.

[via CNET]