A Michigan man known only as "Alan" has hilariously cemented himself as dickhead ex-husband of the year after purchasing the house next to his ex-wife's, then buying a giant, bronze middle finger statue which is strategically placed outside of it.

The Bloomfield Hills resident clearly has repressed feelings and beacoup money to blow, and his ex-wife's daughter says that not only did he angle the spiteful statue at her home, he moved into the neighboring house with his new girlfriend, Tiffany, just to rub salt in the wound. 

Alan took it a step further by shining a spotlight on the statue at night to make sure it's always visible. He has the bitterness of an eternal bridesmaid. Where are his friends to tell him that moving next to your ex-wife—with your new girlfriend, nonetheless—and then spending money on a huge middle finger makes you look like a colossal asshole. Alsohis girlfriend is cool with this?

Move out and move on, dog.

[via Gawker]