Dead Rising 3 looks like it could turn into the best Mega Man game we've seen in years. Capcom has hidden unlockables in the game, giving players who finish the single player mode the Mega Man X outfit. But if gamers want to unlock the Mega Buster blaster they'll have to survive Dead Rising 3 on nightmare mode – no small feat.

However the rewards look awesome. The Mega Buster wipes away entire swaths of zombie baddies, sending them sailing onto rooftops and beyond. Just like previous Dead Rising titles, gamers get to dress up in crazy outfits and enjoy the technological advances in rag-doll physics by slinging zombie bodies every which way. DR3 promises smarter, larger zombie hordes and the weirdest weapons ever to wipe them all out.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive that drops alongside the next-gen console on November 22.

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[Via Polygon]