Always beware of the wasted, off-duty corrections officer who decides to bring his gun to the bar. Kirby Mannix, the owner of Inwood's The Liffey ll Bar, says that Manuel Peralta entered his establishment on Oct. 12 drunk, claiming to be an undecover officer. Cover blown.

Oh, it gets worse. In addition to claiming to be "on the job," Mannix says the 38-year-old Peralta brandished his gun and began screaming "I have a gun! I have a gun!" Mannix adds that the trigger for this spectacle was him asking Peralta to pay for his $4.50 bottle of Coors Light. 

However, four cops from the 34th Precinct refused to arrest Peralta. One of them reportedly told Mannix that he "didn't think a crime was committed." Commander Inspector Barry Buzzetti says criminal and internal investigations are both underway, and that Mannix and police offered different accounts of what happened. Apparently, police are under the impresison Peralta never pulled the gun. 

Meanwhile, Mannix is convinced the cops are just covering for Peralta. "It appears they are covering up for some guy who is licensed to carry a gun. He came in here and pulled a gun for no reason," he said.

[via New York Daily News]

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