A crippling addiction to fire flowers and magic mushrooms would land anyone into a 12 step program.

Luigi seems to have landed harder than most. Addicted to that life of money, women, and what looks like the set of both Breaking Bad and Fight Club, Luigi has landed in a church basement surrounded by other addicts.

The Four Players is a short film series that takes four of the most iconic characters in video games and gives them the gritty, Frank Miller character dissection they so desperately. Evan Daugherty, the director behind Snow White and the Huntsman, will be giving Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad each a short film that will radically change your perception of each of these classic characters. The first two films, The Fixer (Mario) and The Addict (Luigi) debu today, with The Star (Princess Peach) and The Soldier (Toad) being released tomorrow.

These short films are being produced by Polaris and are actually pretty fucking dope. 

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