In due time, Los Angeles residents may be able to own up to five cats.

LAist reports that Los Angeles City Council is weighing a motion that would would bump the number of cats L.A. residents can own from three to as many as five. Councilman Paul Kroetz first proposed the motion earlier this month, arguing that the current cat limit could prevent adoptions and increase the number of stray cats on the streets of L.A.

"Setting up a system for folks that want to have more than five cats in their homes and do it in a sanitary way, we will save lives of more cats and do it in a way that is harmless to everybody else," Kroetz told KNX 1070. 

The proposal has drawn mixed responses. While some argue that this new measure should require more stringest spay and neuter requirements, as well as microchip requirements for households with over three cats, there's no foreseeable way to impose this. 

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[via LAist]