ICYMI, the series finale of Eastbound & Down aired last night. It was a pretty bittersweet event, made even more bittersweet by the final few minutes (spoiler alert, obviously): In total Six Feet Under fashion, viewers were treated to a nearly five-minute long look at how Kenny Powers lives out the rest of his life, including glimpses of his kids and how he ultimately dies. It all happens while Powers is narrating a screenplay of how the rest of his life is going to go, so it's not clear if things will actually turn out this way, but whatever—it's totally Kenny Powers, and totally great.

Anyway: As promised, the kind-of-flashforward included an appearance by a newly sober Lindsay Lohan, as well as an appearance by Alexander Skarsgård wearing an epic wig. None of them have any lines, but it doesn't matter in the end—Skarsgård's wig completely makes up for it. 

You can check out the clip above.

[via Uproxx]