Maybe you've heard of @ModernSeinfeld? It's a Twitter account devoted to "chronicling" the faux-exploits of Seinfeld's characters in 2013. It's got over half a million followers, and has helped land its creator—former Buzzfeed writer Jack Moore—a gig writing for an upcoming TV sitcom.

Well, Seinfeld's co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator/star Larry David has finally weighed in on the matter of @ModernSeinfeld, in an interview on ESPN-New York's Michael Kay Show:

Michael Kay: I don't know if you've heard of this, it's actually something called Modern Seinfeld. Have you heard of this?

Larry David: I've heard of it, yeah.

Michael Kay: It's really hilarious. Have you ever thought, when you sit down, how life is different now than when Seinfeld was on, how many different scenarios could be on? 

Larry David: ...No, I haven't really dwelled on that...

Michael Kay: Really?

Larry David: Yeah.

Michael Kay: Well, I'll give you the lightest one they have, okay?

Larry David: Okay.

Michael Kay: [Reading from Twitter] 'Jerry's blind date shows up drunk and heckles the screen during 12 Years a Slave. Kramer creates an app that gives you ideas for other apps.' 


Larry David: ...Nah.

Michael Kay: Doesn't do it for you? [Laughing]

Larry David: No. [Laughs at how bad the Tweet was.] I could guarantee you that show would not get on the air.

Michael Kay: Really?

Larry David: Yes. That does...that does not pass the funny test.

Audio's here:

This does not bode well for Us & Them. Also, this is your regular reminder that Twitter parody accounts are likely the most commonly unfunny thing in the universe right now, and they are lowering the bar for humor.

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