We're not sure which event is rarer: an episode of SNL being watchable, dare we even say good, for its entirety or Jay Pharaoh appearing for more than a total of five minutes. But both happened last night! Thanks to host Kerry Washington, the show actually felt diverse for once, to say nothing of the great cold open which addressed the glaring lack of black women in the cast head on.

After that the racial self-awareness was thankfully kept to a minimum, allowing Kerry to simply kill it and tease us with an idea of what SNL would look like with a black woman there full time.

Here's Jay Pharaoh trying to hide his excitement.

And we liked what we saw. See for yourself in the skit above, one of the night's highlights. Come back soon, Kerry. We're sure Jay and Keenan Thompson are meeting up on the sidelines of this week's rehearsals to brainstorm which African-American actress they can convince Lorne to book next.

(But why didn't Eminem pop in for any skits?!)

[Gifs via NBCSNLtumblr]