From Paul Walker to Jeremy Renner. (Both look good beating on bad guys and running from explosions, only one has an acting range wider than "what should I order for lunch?") That's the trajectory Justin Lin seems to be on. The blockbuster director responsible for rejuvenating the Fast & Furious franchise has since ceded the reins to James Wan, and according to Deadline, may be jumping into Bourne territory.

He's no Paul Greengrass sure, but the same guy who staged a show-stopping highway tank assault, or a chase scene with a large safe attached to two cars, may be the necessary ingredient to shift the franchise back into a gear that the mediocre Bourne Legacy fell out of. Does this mean Bourne 5—which, with Lin attached, will probably be titled just that—will feature a dose of random action stars to spice things up, or will it just be noisier? Time will tell, but this is promising.

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[via Deadline]