Jaden Smith is the child actor, rapper, and 15-year-old son of Will Smith. But you already knew that. He's grown up quite quickly from his breakthrough role as the kid in the 2006 film, The Pursuit of Happyness, alongside his actual real-life father. Today, Jaden's dabbling in rap, fashion, and, most importantly, Twitter's newest motivational tweeter. Seriously. Jaden is using the 140-characater microblogging platform to express some of the strangest thoughts that have crossed his cranium to his 4.7 million-odd followers. All we can really say is we hope that nobody even remotely takes Jaden's "words of wisdom" serious and that you read them and get a good laugh out of them. Prepare yourself. Here are 15 Tweets That Prove Jaden Smith Is The Fresh Prince of Bullsh*t. Kids, please stay in school. PLEASE.

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