One of the most exciting things about next-gen (aside from the potential leaps in AI abilities, which have yet to really show themselves in any game-changing way) is the degree to which developers can now render detailed, sophisticated worlds – which may kind of sound like old hat-common sense, but in action it looks, visually, really impressive.

Whether or not you’ve ever been to the Seattle, Washington, it’s hard not to sit back and give the team at Sucker Punch a hand for the impressive rendition they’ve done of the city in Infamous: Second Son (well, a fun-to-explore composite of it). Even if you don’t recognize some of the landmarks (apart from the Space Needle) it’s still pretty cool to see a city rendered with this kind of characterizing detail.

Over at IGN they did a little sneak peak at how the dev team was able to pull it all together, and while it’s brief, it’s a nice look at how we’ll probably see city rendering evolve in this console generation. (And if you happen to live in Seattle you’ll really get a kick out of it.)