City: Detroit
Neighborhood: New Center Area
Address: 265 E. Baltimore St.
Closed doors in: 1997
Famous for: Ciphering impromptu jam sessions among rappers like Eminem and Proof

Serving as the epicenter for the hip-hop scene in the early '90s in Detroit, Stanley's Mania Café held a weekly function titled the Rhythm Kitchen and the Hip-Hop Shop served as the early stomping ground for Eminem and D12. Detroit music scene impresario Maurice Malone held events at both venues by clearing out all the tables and bringing in a heavy sound system to feature a slew of up-and-coming hip-hop acts. Thanks to the scene held down at both places, the Detroit music scene spawned the careers of a number of hi-hop acts including Slum Village, Eminem, and Black Milk. Cool factoid: The Rhythm Kitchen and the Hip Hop Shop served as the inspirations behind the film 8 Mile.