City: Detroit
Neighborhood: Woodward
Address: 870 W. McNichols St.
Closed doors in: Late '80s
Famous for: Known as Detroit's CBGB

While the Rhythm Kitchen at Stanley Mania Café was representing the hip-hop scene in Detroit, Bookies's served as the haven for Detroit's latter half: its punks, goths, and hard-rockers. Often packing sold-out shows, the venue was jammed with people as they moved their sweat-clad bodies to the band of the night, whether it was Iggy Pop, the Romantics, or the Police. While New York had CBGB, Detroit had Bookie's as some of its famous clientele included David Bowie, Elvis Costello, and Blondie. Even renowned magazines like Creem and Life ran stories on the legendary club. Unfortunately, the club reached its demise in the late '80s and was eventually burned down.