Music venues are ephemeral. Gentrification, tax evictions, riots, and mounting debt are among the possible culprits that may lead to your musical mainstay closing its doors one day. 

Still, long after an establishment hosts its final show, the memories from inebriated tales, unforgettable performances, and unexpected hookups are still housed within those hallowed walls. While some venues have withstood the test of time—Whiskey a Go-Go, Webster Hall, and the Apollo Theater come to mind—many of our once-favorite venues haven't fared as well.

From the legendary Fillmore, to the hip-hop Radiotron, and the run-down Rathskeller, many of music's most iconic venues have been lost, but still deserve to be recognized for the role they played in our nation's greatest music cities. With the recent news of the future closure of Roseland Ballroom, we thought it would be very fitting to take a trip down memory lane and pour one our for the iconic venues we'll never see a show at again. 

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