Originality is in short supply on television these days as the spin-off model continues to gain popularity among the networks. The latest lame idea comes from (surprise!) CBS, and their decision to take the formerly proposed How I Met Your Mother spin-off to pilot. The new show, cleverly titled How I Met Your Dad, will, as you may have guessed, perform a gender flip on Mother's basic premise.

Wondering just how mind-numbingly similar HIMYD will be? The setting will remain in New York, the core cast will once again be a group of twenty-something friends, and yes, their hang-out spot will be none other than MacLaren's Pub. There are currently no plans to introduce this new group in Mother's finale or in some other backdoor pilot manner. (But it's not hard to imagine the new cast spotting one or all of the original gang in the pub in a cutesy cameo.)

Mother is currently airing its ninth and final season, but has faced criticisms from fans and critics alike in recent years for redundant storylines and failing to introduce the titular wife/mom to be too late in the game. With this new show, which is basically the same show, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas could potentially right some narrative wrongs and missteps that caused backlash. But they've got to stick the landing for the original first.

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[via EW]