If you’ve read Gibson’s seminal genre masterpiece Neuromancer, you know how f-ing awesome it sounds to be a data cowboy, basically a badass data thief that hacks computer systems and the quintessential cyberpunk internet with a portable, suitcase-bound laptop.

That’s basically the idea behind Quadrilateral Cowboy, which replaces lackluster, ridiculously unrealistic hacking mini-games found in most games with honest-to-god code cracking (or a pretty convincing mechanical composite of it).

Where Neuromancer is a densely hallucinatory phantasmagoria that was as prescient as it is a violent metaphysical trip, Quadrilateral Cowboy makes it easier on you. You’ve still got your deck (and a host of other black market goodies that match with the Gibson-esque ‘80s vibe, all you have to do is run simulations for clients, hacking various in-game systems to get through unscathed – using your deck to actually type of out the commands. Get in, get out, get paid: all in a day’s work for an agent of corporate espionage.

Trust me, this is a cyberpunk fan’s dream come true. Quad didn’t walk away with Indiecade’s top honors this year for nothing. Just check the video to see what I mean.

Via Youtube