The Xbox One has arrived in all its armored truck-shielded, Mackelmore, Ryan Lewis, and DeadMau5 soaked glory.

The event last night at the Best Buy Theater was, as most events of this type normally are these days, a gesture of excess and pomp surpassing the ribbon cutting at your local Radio Shack. Celebrating late-stage capitalism, Microsoft sold the very first Xbox One at the stroke of midnight in what doubled as a blood pact between Microsoft and the first person to take home the new console. 

That person is actually now the sole property of Marc Whitten and Major Nelson. Yes, the Xbox One is here but that's no reason to let our collective ADD navigate us away from the Xbox 360. The console has served us well for the better part of a decade and in the eight years since its launch, we've seen some of the most innovative leaps in the medium. We've collected the greatest Xbox 360 titles played by our staff over the past eight years, and while Microsoft is surely to shift focus to the Xbox One, the 360 isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The Xbox 360 was an overheating, red ring of death giving console that brought millions of people countless hours of happiness. And we loved the console despite its flaws. And while the introduction of the 360's younger, homelier sister isn't going to win any design awards, the Xbox One is going to be around for at least another decade. That's Microsoft's plan at least. 

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