Rockstar Games has announced new details about the free Beach Bum update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online next Tuesday, November 19. It also teased that new story mode material will be added “very soon.”

The Beach Bum pack will update automatically and add tons of new jobs, weapons, vehicles and even some tribal tattoos to the world of GTA Online. All with the beach cool, West Coast vibe.

New jobs will features beach-themed races, deathmaches, parachuting and survival modes. Vehicles include altered versions of familiar rides like the dune buggy, Canis truck and even the Bravado Paradise beach camper. Gamers can also look forward to the return of a GTA classic, the Speeder speedboat in all its primary color glory. All new vehicles are available in the Story Mode as well and can be purchased – for free – on the in-game store and delivered to player’s marina or garage.

Two new free weapons are also available. The tiny SNS Pistol and the more to the point, broken bottle, are now free at Amunation for all your mayhem needs.

Of course you’ll be able to deck out your new character in all sorts of beach attire including board shorts, neon beach gear, tribal tattoos and shaggy hair.

Rockstar has a bunch of new content in the pipe for GTA Online including the much-hyped Content Creator where players can set up their own Heists, stay tuned fore more details.

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[Via RockstarGames]