Grand Theft Auto V has cribbed plenty of inspiration from the world of pop-culutre, film, and celebrity worship.

It's good to see that the influence of Rockstar's magnum opus has finally reversed current and people in the real world are now behaving like cast members of Grand Theft Auto V. Last week in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, a cab driver was caught on film clubbing an SUV that had hit his cab, and was attempting to flee. What follows is some of the worst getaway driving this side of a rerun of Cops. Using a blackjack on the hood of the SUV, the cab driver attempts to get the hit and run driver to come to a halt.

The only thing he manages to accomplish is manufacturing a five car hit and run. Watch the video to see just how poor a wheel-man black SUV manages to become.

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(Via Deadspin)