Playing video games on the web just got a lot cooler.

Google has just released an HTML 5 browser game for Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans, which takes users on a journey through Middle-Earth. By heading here through Google's Chrome browser, users can check out an interactive map that covers the land of the hobbits in awesome detail. The game, called "Journey Through Middle-Earth," has impressive graphics for a browser game, and shows the awesome capabilites of Chrome. "We can’t wait to see what sort of rich experiences developers will build as modern web technologies become available on more types of devices," Google said in a blog post.

Once you pick an area to explore, you side-scroll through pictures and descriptions of the lands and their inhabitants. By finding the "Explore Further" button, users can play a short game that's made specifically for that area. 

Fanboys, geekout.

[via Google]