The mysterious barge we reported about just a few days ago might not be the secret Google Glass Store or data center we thought it was. Not yet, at least.

CBS San Francisco is reporting that the barge is actually a VIP-only showroom for Google-X projects and products, and will be able to reassemble them both on land and water. Probably even a ski slope. Google X is a "secret" facility that Google employees aren't supposed to know about. The facility half a mile from their headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., and is run by Google founder Sergey Brin. Think of it as Google's Area 51. These will supposedly be our first look at what they've been working on. Another barge has popped up in Maine, and is owned by the same company, By and Large LLC., that owns the barge in San Francisco. The thought is that the Maine barge won't even be worked on until the one out in the Bay is at least completed. So, who will be getting the special invites to finally see what's inside these huge structures? We won't know that until Google at least confirms, or even acknowledges the project, but it will likely be investors and media. After that, who knows? It might be awhile, though, since outside work on the Bay barge has stopped completely, partly because reports are that Google hasn't received the permits it needs in order to build the thing in the first place.

[via CNET]