In one giant leap for gender equality, an expert says that women are more meticulous, thorough and advanced than their male counterparts when it comes to murder

During an interview with Der Spiegel's Rainer Leurs, forensic scientist Sigrun Rossmanith said her work with female killers revealed that they're simply superior from a tactical standpoint. Keeping the stereotypes alive, Rossmanith said that men occasionally target total strangers and often rely on brute strength to execute their kills. As for women, she says their  victims are hardly ever strangers and they account for their lack of strength and size by incapacitating them. They have to get creative with it.

She might as well have just come out and said male killers typically wear blue and female killers usually wear pink. 

Rossmanith, who even pondered her own potential as a serial killer, ended the interview with a gem: "I am personally more afraid of the vengeance of women than that of men." Because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; in fact, that woman is the most dangerous person on the planet.

[via Jezebel]