It shouldn’t be surprising that the publisher and developer of such conspiracy theory ridden games as Terminator, Fallout 3 and Prey would have a conspiracy-minded fan base. New teasing from Bethesda seems to allude at a new entry into its Fallout series with Survivor 2299. But the rabbit hole is pretty deep.

Rumors appeared linking Bethesda to the purchase of a website called which is now a countdown clock to December 11 of this year. We’re not 100-percent sure, but we’re almost positive it’s a hoax.

The smart people over at Game Informer did something with numbers (math I think) and figured out that the website purchase did not originate from the U.S, where Bethesda is based, nor did it match its past pattern of purchases.

So for now maybe avert your eyes from the Fallout 4 news popping up all over the Internet; it’s not happening yet. But there’s always a chance! As soon as even the slightest hint of an official Fallout game we’ll let you know so you can start mailing your wallets to Bethesda.

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