For as long as the 'Like' button has been a part of social media, our culture, even, it's never been redesigned or really messed with in any way. I mean, why would it? The light blue thumbs-up icon is as iconic as the Roger Ebert's thumbs when he came across a movie he enjoyed. But all that is set for a little tweak when it comes to websites, that is.

The 'like' button, which is installed on more than seven million websites and seen about 22 billion times a day, is getting its first redesign for websites that have the button installed. Don't let the word "redesign" fool you: it's more of a new hair style when someone has become tired of the one they've had for years, even if that hairstyle is their signature look. A cry for attention, if you will, since a certain other company is putting on their IPO right now. Facebook's design team has chosen to get rid of the thumbs-up icon within the button and ditch it for the company's logo instead. The thumbs-up is now getting moved to a dialogue box that shows you how many likes a post or page has received. The company redesigned the button to have it optimized for high-resolution screens, since Retina displays and all that are the rage right now. 

The rollout will start soon on websites and take place over the course of the next few weeks. So get ready for some more "f" in your life, and not the kind you probably prefer. Does this mean the 'like' button on the Facebook page is set for a change itself something soon? 

Hey, for all of his years, Ebert never felt the need to redesign his move.

[via Mashable]