Everyone has their go-to emoji. The optimistic among us can't get enough of that thumbs up. Many of you love letting the world know that you're laughing so hard that you're crying. Maybe you're one of the weirdos who likes to spruce up your text messages with the dozen or so emojis of plant life. No matter what emoji holds that top spot in your "recently used," you have to admit there are some emojis that you receive more than others; emojis that resonate with the iPhone users of America. You know it as well as we do: not all emojis are created equal.

Welcome to Complex's Emoji Power Rankings, where we break down the text messages, crunch the numbers, and analyze just how many smiley faces you are sending to your boo to find out what emojis reign supreme. This week, the competition was fast and furious. Factors like birthday parties, break ups, and celebrity gossip shifted the contest wildly right up until the photo finish. Yes, it's been a wild ride and now that the dust has settled, we have your definitive Emoji Power Rankings.