With Thor: The Dark World debuting to strong opening numbers this weekend, director Alan Taylor is already moving forward with his next project, another high-profile sequel: Terminator 5. Unlike Terminator Salvation, which was firmly rooted in the futuristic war between humans and Skynet, Terminator 5 will bring time travel back into play with a premise that sees Arnold Schwarzenegger return as the T-800 to protect a teenaged Sarah Connor.

The short list of actresses set to play the character originally made iconic by Linda Hamilton includes none other than Margot Robbie (who will impress later this year in Wolf of Wall St.), Short Term 12's Brie Larson, and the khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke. The most awesome choice to play the badass Connor is clearly the Dragon Mother, but really, all of these women would likely kill it.

Despite the presence of a young, pre-pregnancy Sarah, the script will also feature John Connor as well. The frontrunner in Taylor's mind is reportedly Tom Hardy, which if realized would be hilarious considering his one-time, on-screen foe Christian Bale was the last to portray humanity's savior.

The storyline also calls for another appearance from Kyle Reese, John's father, first played by Michael Biehn and later Anton Yelchin in Salvation. Yelchin is not set to return; Tron Legacy's Garrett Hedlund is rumored to be up for the role. Terminator 5 is set to impact in 2015, apparently the year of the franchise mega-sequel.

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