The reviews are out for NBA Live 14, and it's not exactly the comeback story they were hoping for.

NBA Live 14 was released November 19 and gamers are reporting multiple issues and are overall underwhelmed and disappointed with its gameplay and performance.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently addressed gripes held by gamers saying, "Plain and simple, we haven't gotten the kind of early feedback we had hoped for on this game. I do think we have built a strong foundation, so we're accelerating a number of game updates to address your biggest issues, including improving the way the game teaches the new gameplay controls."

EA is being proactive in their attempts to provide a better game experience and has promised improved graphics and animations over the next few weeks and months.

Hopefully EA and NBA Live can work out all the kinks and provide a game that can compete with rival NBA 2K14, and push both franchises to make the best game possible in the future.

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