Death is never an easy fact to face, even in the world of video games.

Sure, Mario may be able to just eat a green mushroom and earn himself another life, but what about the stories that make a character's end all too permanent. We've all played these games before. Think about Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII, or Desmond Miles' demise at the conclusion of Assassin's Creed 3. These are the types of characters that, throughout the course of their story, we become emotionally attached to, and when we have to see them go, we never feel quite ready. 

So, in a perfect world, where we were somehow able to bring all these beloved figures back, who makes the cut? Auron from Final Fantasy X? Or what about minor characters like Maria Santiago from Gears of War? These are the 25 Dead Video Game Characters We Wish Were Still Here. Who makes your list. Check out ours, and then compare in the comments. 

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