Dead Rising 3 is an exclusive Xbox One launch title that hits shelves and digital sales on Friday, November 22 when the Xbox One drops. Here’s the official trailer of zombie dismemberment and living-dead hooker car crashes.

Dead Rising 3 follows the new protagonist, Nick Ramos, as be crafts crazy weapons and fights his way across a city collapsing under the weight on the zombie apocalypse.

Last week we looked at one of the coolest unlockables yet with Ramos donning the classic Mega Man gear from Mega Man X and using the Mega Buster clear the streets of zombies. Dead Rising 3 will also feature smarter zombies while uses the Xbox One’s next-gen power to bring the largest hordes yet.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive that drops alongside the next-gen console on November 22. Extra points goto Dead Rising 3 for making making a Dubstep-free trailer.

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