The best way to procrastinate everything you have to do on a Thursday afternoon? Watch Nick Frost attempt to win Rashida Jones' heart by salsa dancing in the new trailer for what looks like a pretty adorable movie, Cuban Fury, of course. And hey—luckily for you all, the trailer was just released today.

In it, we meet Bruce (Frost), a inept but lovable dude who falls for his new, hot American boss (Jones). When he learns she likes salsa dancing, he attempts to learn it himself to become a salsa dancing master so he can impress her—but, of course, it doesn't go as planned and hilarity ensues. Chris O'Dowd is there too, which only means great, great things.

Unfortunately, there's no US opening date yet, but if you're lucky enough to be across the pond early next year, the film will hit theaters in the UK on Valentine's day. Until then, check out the trailer above.

[via Indiewire]