Everyone has an opinion these days, and the Internet has become a facilitator for everyone to share their opinions with the public. However, nobody's opinion can be as honest as children. Children are still learning and developing on many different levels, and are not prejudiced by experience, allowing them to say what's on their mind and not hide the truth. With the goal of bringing the raw thoughts of children online, Complex Kids asks about the current topics of the day to get a broad spectrum of what kids perceive of pop culture.

If you can recall using a VHS tape rewinder, the latest episode of Complex Kids is just for you. This pop culture-centric segment finds the kids of NYC faced with tough questions about Mr. Rogers, the Power Rangers, a certain Philadelphia rapper who is either Meek Mill or Will Smith, Y2K, and more.

If you want to know what the future looks like, it's a child calmly explaining that he uses a VCR to watch Netflix.

If you liked this episode, check out last weeks episode on Sports below.




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