There's no telling where Sons of Anarchy is going with Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman). The pivotal fourth season set him up to assume his inevitable role as the villain of the story, the Claudius of the Hamlet-inspired narrative. But ever since he inexpiclably survived that arc, he's been walking along a genuinely redemptive path, to the point where the audience's bloodlust has dissipated. Will he die, as he deserves to, or atone for the decades of murder, deceit, and family ruining? Only Kurt Sutter knows.

Whatever his fate, one thing persists: he's a bastard. No apology can make up for the dastardly deeds he commited in the past that have shaped the series' mythology, and those we've seen him commit on screen, from poor Donna to the reign of terror he inflicted on his stepson Jax and his wife Gemma later in the series. You don't get along with your dad? That sucks. But it could be worse. He could be Clay Morrow.

Doghouse is an understatement.



Because really, he almost certainly has done shit nobody knows of that's equally heinous. This isn't like the drinking your dad did in college.

Hopefully your father's regular dispostion is better than this:

He's an Olympic-level hypocrite, as evidenced by this ironic assignation of blame on Jax.


Most dads are proud of their kid's career accomplishments. Clay Morrow...maneuvers to make his "son's" first months on the job a living hell.

Hint: "Black" isn't behind said home invasions.

Does your dad refer to your wife/main thing as respectfully as Clay does?

This exchange:








Father-son healing at its absolute, bare-knuckled worst.

The last time Jax and Clay interacted outside of prison visitation.

Clarence Morrow, ruining families since season one.


Some dads just threaten to take you out of the will.


Because everyone was rooting for Jax to let his best friend blow his own stepfather away.

Instead he lived, having ruined Opie's life so hard, dude low-key welcomed this:

With one shotgun blast he killed the closest thing Jax had to a grandfather/uncle figure. Oh, and another member of best friend Opie's family.

Read all about how New Dad killed Bio-Dad and stole Mom from him!

That one time when he tried to have his stepson's wife killed.


And then tried to be all self-deprecating about it later.

There are spousal disputes. And then there's this.

In a nutshell:

Peep the overflow of remorse:



Or lack thereof.

Can you feel the love?

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)

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