Punching a complete stranger in the face can be an "exhilirating" experience, apparently. 

Frustrated that no one would give him a cigarette, 27-year-old Michael Grant punched 41-year-old Pam Thompson in the face as she exited AA Nail Salon in Brooklyn on Tuesday, leaving her unconscious. Relieved, Grant reportedly celebrated next to her body.

Thompson, who refused medical attention at the scene, said: "I have no idea why [he did this]. He just attacked me for no reason. He punched me and that was all I saw. Out of nowhere!"

"He never stopped to take her money or wallet or anything. He just ran down the block a little did a dance and kept on running," Thompson's daughter, Shanaya, told the New York Post

He was less celebratory when five police cars were waiting for him outside of a bodega a few blocks away. He explained that he did the dance because he "felt exhilarated." Police were exhilarated to arrest him. 

[via New York Post]