Long before Altaïr and Ezio were taking on the Templars there was Broken Sword, a globetrotting Indiana Jones-ish point-and-click series that had decidedly much less free running than Assassin’s Creed but still all the craziness of a Dan Brown novel.  Now the developers at Revolution Software have announced that the first episode of Broken Sword 5 is hitting PC, Mac and Linux on December 4.

Following a successful Kickstarter last September, Revolution picked up almost $772,000 for the new game, which is big enough to be split into two full-sized episodes. Don’t worry, mobile fans – the iOS and Android editions will be released shortly after the PC launch, with episode two coming in January 2014.

If you love a good point-and-click, Broken Sword is a great series (plus it’s the type of game where you can randomly show something like, say, a soiled hankerchief to a random NPC just to get their disgusted reaction). There’s no reason to think this slick-looking fifth installment won’t deliver here.

Via Joystiq