All year you've probably heard someone crack a joke about how it'd be so funny if Breaking Bad turned out to be a prequel to Malcom In the Middle, with the series finale seeing Walter White go into witness protection, with a new family, and assume the identity of Malcom's dad Hal, previously Bryan Cranston's most famous role.

Well, because Bryan Cranston is awesome he's gifted the world with this great skit billed as Breaking Bad's "alternate ending." In a riff on Newhart's all time classic (and depending who you ask, classically frustrating) series finale—which ended with the reveal that the entire series was one long, specific dream from Bob's character on his first series, The Bob Newhart Show—Hal wakes up in cold, spazzy sweats having had a five-season long pulpy meth lord nightmare. For added measure, Jane Kaczmarek is right there next to him reprising her role as Lois, still just as exhausted by her goofy husband as she was seven years ago. It's just as great as it sounds, peep the full skit above.

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