This guy is the video game equivalent to Gallagher.

You remember Gallagher, right? He's the one-trick-hack comedian from the 80s. He somehow managed to achieve fame by destroying perfectly good produce for no other reason than the cocaine burning holes in his brain.

Yeah, this guy's the Gallagher of video games. Meet Richard Ryan, host of the YouTube channel Rated RR. His shows consist of shooting things and then setting the footage to dubstep and slow-motion. As cool as that is (it isn't) the line has to be drawn somewhere. Through a shipping fluke, Ryan recieved his PS4 two days before the rest of the planet and promptly put a .50 bullet through the high end gaming console. 

Cool. Story. Guy. 

Look this is America, and you're free to own guns, shoot things in the desert, chieve some level of dubious internet fame, and set the whole thing to wub-wub music, but this is still kind of dick move. Ever wonder what happens when you shoot a PS4 with a large caliber rifle? 

The same thing that happens when ANYTHING gets shot with a large caliber rifle. Watch the trailer and try to swallow your justified rage.

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(Via Kotaku)