Blank Check, Disney's low-key instant classic, dropped at the top of 1994, at a time when hip-hop visuals hadn't hit the ostentatious, riches-indulging peak they would soon be known for. But Check—which sees young Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) come into a cool million thanks to a trio of hapless crooks—celebrates flossing at its finest, as Preston lives the fantasy every kid (and rapper) dreams of.

Did Biggie and Puffy watch Blank Check before shooting the videos for "Juicy" or "Hypnotize"? The world may never know, but you're fronting if you don't recognize Preston Waters for paving many lanes on the "How to Stunt" road map. The proof is in the GIFs:

Throwing bands to get a store clerk's attention.

Getting treated like royalty at the mall.

"Drug money outfit, record clean."

The "I'm king of the world" sunroof pose.

Hollering at dimes, two mph so everybody sees you.

The Boss-of-all-bosses chair spin.

Flexing on lames from the past who don't deserve to enjoy the spoils.


From the for-the-ladies archive:

Inside-catchphrases/handshakes with the homie(s).

GIF via TrevonCowan

The overblown car chase:

Lavish mansion parties and watching guests arrive, Gatsby style.

Bottles. All of them.

Suffering from success.

It's lonely at the top.

And of course, improbably bagging impossibly hot women.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan

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