BlackBerry is struggling.

That isn't news. The company has been bordering on the brink of destruction for months now, but what is news is how much the company is fighting back from going into that gentle dark night.

BlackBerry just launched BBM Channels, a new social media feature that brings BlackBerry users their own Tumblr-like channels that they can subscribe to, interact with, and share. The feature is available to any phone running BlackBerry OS 5 or higher, and is available in the BlackBerry World as the latest app update to BBM. Channels is a separate part of BBM where brands and businesses can post content that BBM users can follow and like, and users can automatically be notified when updates are made. The app also allows channel managers who control a content page to chat with followers in private, which you can see an example of in the video. BBM Channels' official label is an "open beta," so there still might be some changes coming in the next few weeks before it becomes official. Channels won't remain BlackBerry exclusive, though, as the company says it will be coming to Android and iOS in coming months.

We have to give BlackBerry credit, the feature does seem kind of cool, and as long as they keep their name out there with new products, their heads may remain above water yet.

[via BlackBerry]