Year of release: 2007

Usually video game developers habitually lie to you at every opportunity. But the back of the Tools of Destruction case says that it delivers on the long sought after experience of "playing a Pixar movie." And that's probably the best description of Ratchet and Clank on the PS3.

A Pixar movie. Where a lot of things die. The consoles only fully fledged Ratchet title was a platformer/shooter with RPG-elements and even some Starfox-esque space combat. The thing is, many games that try to be jacks of all trades flop at them all (see: Resident Evil 6), but Tools of Destruction masters them.

Any one of these concepts totally fleshed out could be their own games. Really, the only thing that sucked was the Sixaxis controls that early PS3 titles tried their best to push. Oh, and of course running out of levels.