As the weather turns cooler, you're going to want richer beer. When it comes to fall, Belgian beers (or those brewed in the Belgian style) can offer a warm-up, but if you’re not familiar with the Belgian style, their uniqueness and variation can make these amazing brews seem more complicated than the ubiquitous IPAs and Pale Ales.

In fact, Belgian beers are the perfect introduction to craft beer. “Belgium is to beer what Cuba is to cigars and France is to wine,” writes Garrett Oliver in The Oxford Companion to Beer. But you don’t need to be Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster or own this nearly 1,000-page encyclopedia to understand the basics of Belgian beers.

Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy's No. 43 and host of Beer Sessions Radio on Heritage Radio Network, breaks down the knowledge neccesary to make you a Belgian beer connoisseur in 10 easy lessons. Learn the difference between Trappist and Abbey beers, venture beyond “gateway” Belgians into funky yeast and sours, and enjoy the depth of these historic beers brewed from an ancient tradition.

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