Procrastinators, rejoice: Ordering packages at a moment's notice has just gotten a little less stressful this holiday season. 

Amazon has just announced a partnership with the USPS to make delivering packages on Sundays a regular, and free, thing. Soon, any customer will be able to get their order on a Sunday with no extra fee. Usually, packages wouldn't be delivered on Sundays unless customers used a little known option that allowed them to pay extra to get the package that day. (Sometimes third party retailers on Amazon will pay to get the package to you by Sunday.) So, if you order a last minute package on Friday, you should be able open it up and play with it before you get back to school or work on Monday morning if you use two-day shipping. The USPS program will start in the New York City and Los Angeles areas, with plans to expand it to Houston, New Orleans, Dallas and Phoenix in early 2014. Amazon has already dropped $14 billion to expand their warehouses, while increasing their threshold for free deliveries to $35 from $25. In other words, they're going all in on this deliver thing.

There you have it: If you want to crash all weekend without leaving the comfort of your room, you can do that a little easier now thanks to Amazon. Hey, it's also another reason not to go to Best Buy.

[via USA Today]