With the holidays here, travelling becomes that much more stressful and arduous. Longer lines, cancelled flights and crazier people all come with the holiday travel experience. It's a good thing that video gaming has become portable or else gamers would have to add withdrawl to the list as well.

Gaming on the go presents its own set of challenges though. Handheld systems require charging which means more cables, tablets need protection and depending on the length of the the trip, back-up power is a must. These Video Game Accessories and Portable Consoles for Traveling span the category of everything needed to satisfy the hungriest gaming appetites. From portable consoles like the NVIDIA Shield to iPhone and iPod game controllers like the new Logitech Powershell, if there's a need, it's covered. Most of all, everything listed is under $1000.

With these awesome finds, no trip will ever suck again, even with a cursed middle seat.