We all already knew that Aaron Paul was legitimately awesome dude to hang out with, but who knew he was such a master prankster as well? In a new episode of Bushmills Irish Whiskey's program, Since Way Back, Paul explained in great detail just how he pulled off that meteor prank last year which fooled his roommate—and a local LA newstation.

It'd be a shame to ruin the whole story for you all, as Paul tells it so much better than anyone else ever could, but here's a quick preview: Basically, Paul explains how he was able to get his very superstitious roommate to believe that there was a meteor explosion in their backyard, and that the end of the world was happening. It was a very involved process involving dry ice, rocks that resemble meteors, and some fine acting on Paul's part—but the best bit is that, not only did it fool Paul's roommate, but it was such a convicing display that local news station Fox 11 even aired the story. 

Also, there's a great shout-out to magnets in the video, and you know what that means...

You can check out the clip above.

[via Huffington Post]