Despite launching with huge fanfare—the first-ever Windows was released by Bill Gates 30 years ago this weekMicrosoft’s latest operating system has garnered its fair share of criticisms, from the radical UI redesign to performance hiccups. Hell, some people even made a huge stink over the absence of the iconic Home Button. Yet through all the expressed grievances, Windows 8 still holds a 9.25 percent desktop market share, which has it sitting atop OS X, Linux, and Chrome. Translation: It’s growing steadily on the consumer public. And it’s through the company’s credo of establishing a single experience across all its platforms—computing, gaming, and mobile—where the latest OS is warranting its long-term worth. 

After testing the latest Windows 8.1 update and noticing the major changes applied to the interface, along with some of its newest features, Microsoft's vision of becoming the future of computing has become clearer than Evian. Consider this your wakeup call, as we put you onto the 8 Reasons You Shouldn't Sleep on Windows 8.

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