You can't eat cheeseburgers at 3 a.m four weekends in a row without your jeans crying out for mercy. You'd rather binge watch Netflix than hit the club. Pulling an all-nighter entails staying up until 1 a.m and then falling into a deep sleep under the soft glow of your laptop screen. Goodbye sweet youth—this is what it feels like to be old.

You don't qualify for senior citizen breakfast and you still get carded, but you're definitely not in high school anymore. The best part of growing up? The slow betrayal your body and mind begin to wage against you. Suddenly you have no idea where you put your keys even though you tossed them on the table 30 seconds ago. Don't worry, it's not early on-set anything, just your brain slowing down a bit as you age. Here are 25 foods that fight memory loss. Don't let your brain win.